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Trent Valley Tyres – your number 1 place for tyres in Rugeley

Neil’s my name and tyres are my game! My dad started this business over 46 years ago and I am very proud to be running it today. We are a local Rugeley tyre fitting company and can solve your tyre issues today.

Trent Valley Tyres know how important your tyres are when driving your vehicle. Your tyres are the only part of your vehicle that is in contact with the road surface, and responsible for driving, braking, steering and stopping. It is vital to your safety and your vehicles safety that you keep your tyres in optimum condition.  Our highly trained and experienced staff will help guide you and provide advice and assistance on any issues you may have.

We stock tyres from all the leading brands including run on flat tyres and we are an approved agent for Tyron tyre bands. Tyre brands stocked include; GT Radial, Michelin, Good Year, Dunlop, BF Goodrich, Continental, Bridgestone, Falken.

Trent Valley Tyre Services, Rugeley, Staffordshire.
I’m Neil and welcome to Trent Valley Tyres, Rugeley.   We are located in Rugeley, Staffordshire and supply and fit tyres from all the leading manufacturers along with exhaust systems, brake pads, shoes and discs.

We provide an agricultural tyre fitting service, a mobile tyre fitting service, a commercial tyre service and a fleet service. Trent Valley Tyres can deal with all your tyre requirements, we are a Staffordshire tyre fitting company with over 46 years of tyre fitting and tyre service experience.

Our friendly and professional team of tyre technicians know all about tyres and are eager to help. We have three fully equipped mobile tyre vehicles that will assist you on the side of the road, motorway or we can visit your home and workplace to repair or replace your tyres.

(note: we do not supply part worn tyres but have a wide range of budget tyres always in stock)





Agricultural Tyre Services


Our fast and efficient agricultural tyre service will ensure your agricultural vehicle gets moving and operational quickly.

Our team of experienced fitters will come to your farm, site or place of work and fix your punctures or replace your tyres. We work on all types of agricultural tyre and agricultural vehicles.

When you have tyre problems with any of your agricultural vehicles, Trent Valley Tyres, Rugeley are here to help get you moving.  Tyres can be fitted at our premises or we can call out with your vehicle wherever it is. We understand the importance of keeping your vehicle working, and know that a tyre fault can be disastrous to your working day.

We currently have three fully equipped mobile tyre service vans that can service, repair or replace your tyre issues. Our vans and experienced fitters can be dispatched quickly and tend to your vehicle where it has stopped.  We carry a range of suitable agricultural tyres in stock and a range of different tube sizes to facilitate the smallest to largest of tyres.

Trent Valley Tyres has the facility to maintain large agricultural fleets and would be more than happy to discuss your agricultural vehicle fleet needs today.

Commercial Vehicle Tyre Services

Our commercial tyre division works closely with the operators of large commercial fleets. We are the preferred tyre contractor for several major fleets, providing our fast reliable fitting and maintenance service.

We can service all your commercial tyre needs either on site, on the road or at our premises in Staffordshire.

If your commercial vehicle is off the road for any length of time; this means you will not be earning any money from it and your business could suffer as a consequence.  We understand this and work very closely with major hauliers and commercial vehicle owners throughout Staffordshire. We ensure your tyre issues are taken care of quickly and efficiently.

Whether its a one off tyre replacement or a fleet contract for all your commercial vehicles, Trent Valley Tyres, Rugeley can take care of all your tyre needs.  Our experienced tyre fitters and fully equipped mobile vans can be on their way at a moments notice, as soon as you have placed a call to our office.  We always carry a suitable range of commercial tyres in stock that can be fitted at our premises, your premises or on the roadside.

Mobile Tyre Fitting Service


Our mobile tyre fitting service service operates within a 20 mile radius from Rugeley, Staffordshire.

We have 3 fully equipped vans that will turn up and fix your tyre issues. We will easily deal with your car, caravan, fork lift, commercial vehicle or agricultural vehicle tyres.

Trent Valley Tyres Rugeley is committed to offering you the best tyre service and experience possible. If you find it difficult to come to our premises or maybe you cannot get time away from work, we will come to you.  You can select your new tyres from our extensive range, choose a convenient time and place to have them fitted and we will do the rest.

We also know how important it is to keep your fleet or commercial vehicles on the road. We have a fleet of 3 fully equipped service vehicles that can come to your aid and swiftly get you moving again.

From cars and caravans to commercial vehicles and agricultural vehicles, you can rely on us to be your first choice when it comes to mobile tyre fitting. All tyres and wheels are fitted and digitally balanced at your convenience.

Our team of experienced tyre fitters know their way around all manner of vehicles and no job is too big for our qualified friendly team.


Fleet Tyre Services




Our fleet tyre services can cater for the needs of all your fleet vehicles, large and small.  We offer competitive fleet tyre contracts for all your cars, vans and lorries; with a service that is quick and reliable.

We can tend to all your fleet tyre needs future and present.

Trent Valley Tyres offer competitive fleet contracts for all your vehicle fleet requirements. Why not call Neil today and discuss a contract with competitive rates for your fleet.

With our premises in Rugeley and three fully equipped mobile vans we can tend to the needs of your fleet efficiently and swiftly.

Fleet contracts are currently available for cars, vans, lorries, caravans, small trailers and agricultural vehicles. If you cannot come to our premises we can send one of our fully equipped vans with an experienced fitter out to you. We will call at your place of work, your home or at a suitably agreed location.

Let Trent Valley Tyres, Rugeley take the hassle out of your fleet tyre worries. We have been in business for over 40 years and know a thing or two when it comes to tyres. We will provide you with a fast friendly and efficient service.

Don’t forget we can also provide batteries, brakes and exhausts, and can include these into your fleet contract.

AlloyGator, Protect Your Wheels From Kerb Damage

We are excited to introduce AlloyGator, a fantastic new product that will keep your alloys and wheels looking great, longer.

Working closely with strategic partners, AlloyGator™ has developed a tried and tested, cost effective and durable alloy wheel protection system which vastly reduces the risk of wheel damage.

The AlloyGator product is made of a “Super Tough Nylon” which is flexible and wont damage your alloy wheels during fitting, but tough enough to give superior protection.

Tyron Flat Tyre Protection Systems

“You can’t pick and choose where you’d like to have a puncture or blow-out…”

…but with Tyron you stay in control and can continue driving to where it is safe to change it!  Fit Tyron For Life! 

Trent Valley Tyres Ltd can supply and fit Tyron Flat Tyre protection systems to your vehicle, call in today to find out more.  Police forces and the Military use Tyron Flat Tyre Protection – now you can!

The problem is the way wheels have to be designed. All wheels have a “fitting well” in them. It has to be there for the fitting and removal of tyres, but it is this well that can be so dangerous when you have a puncture. When the tyre is inflated, it is held in place by air pressure, but when this pressure is lost, the tyre can move around freely and drop into the fitting well. Braking and traction is lost, you can lose steering control and the wheel rim can come into contact with the road.

Tyron is a patented lightweight well-filler band that converts a standard steel or alloy wheel into a safety wheel. When fitted, it will significantly improve the performance and safety of any wheel or tyre in the event of deflation. At speed it assists the driver in maintaining steering, cornering ,braking and traction control. It provides a short run-flat capability so you can choose a safe place to stop and change the wheel.

Why you need Tyron flat tyre protection fitted to your caravan!

The problem with a puncture on a caravan is that it can take a while before you realise you have one.  Without Tyron, the tyre can then start to come off the wheel allowing it to make contact with the road which causes the caravan to flip on its side…. MATCHWOOD !!

With Tyron fitted to your caravan you can travel with peace of mind knowing the tyre can not come off the wheel. This allows you to drive to a place of safety and at the same time protects your expensive steel or Alloy wheels.


Brakes | Batteries | Exhausts


Brake Services We know the importance of getting your vehicle stopped safely. That is why we offer a free brake check, to ensure your pads or discs are in optimum condition.  We cater for all makes and models and we can replace your shoes, pads and your discs if required.

Ensure your braking system is working correctly and efficiently by calling in and asking for your free brake system health check.

Your brakes are the only thing that can stop your car or light commercial vehicle safely. Therefore it is important that you have them checked regularly and any parts replaced as soon as they have worn out.  You will use your brakes more on short journeys around town, compared to a long journey on a motorway, unless you have to brake in an emergency. This is why you need to know you can rely and trust your brakes to work efficiently and effectively when you need them.  Your brake components and braking performance will deteriorate over time and because it happens gradually, many people don’t notice the difference in their braking system.

Trent Valley Tyres, Rugeley recommend you have your braking system checked twice a year by our experienced fitters and any parts changed or advice given where necessary.

Battery Services Trent Valley Tyres are keen to keep you on the road and your vehicle working efficiently.  An essential part of any vehicle is the battery, flat batteries are one of the most common types of vehicle breakdown.

Call into Trent Valley Tyres, Rugeley for your free battery health check. Don’t get caught out when the first frost comes and leaves you stranded with a vehicle that will not start.  We can check the health of your vehicle battery and charging system and advise you if we find any areas of concern.

Your battery simply stores electricity and when you need to use it, delivers power to where you need it. Any power your battery uses is replaced by the alternator which charges the battery and supplies power to your cars electrical system.  A battery is more prone to failure during the winter months, and can fail without giving any warning symptoms.  Regular battery health checks can identify problems early on and ensure you always get to where you are going or get home safely.

Exhaust Services We can replace a small part of your exhaust system or the complete system. An efficient exhaust, will make your car run better, improve fuel consumption and be quieter.  Your exhaust system should be checked regularly to ensure no poisonous gasses are leaking from it and it is working efficiently.  We can replace exhausts on a wide selection of cars and light commercial vehicles.

We will advise you to get your exhaust system checked twice a year, to look for cracks, leaking joints, failed gaskets, corrosion, broken hangers, worn rubber mountings, and high levels of pollutant gasses.  Your exhaust has four main functions; to control noise, to direct exhaust fumes away from passengers, to improve the performance of the engine and to improve fuel consumption.

Your exhaust corrodes from both the inside and outside. The life of your exhaust will depend on how far and how often you drive your vehicle. Vehicles used for short trips around town will corrode their exhausts in a quicker time than cars used for long journeys.

Call in to Trent Valley Tyres, Rugeley today and get a free exhaust health check on your vehicle. We will advise you if you need any replacement parts and fit them for you.

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Trent Valley Tyres Rugeley, Continental tyres
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February 2017

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Telephone: 01889 586666  |  01889 582771

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